10 Herbal Teas and Their Incredible Health Benefits

Herbal teas come in a wide variety of flavours and tastes, and are full of nutrition essentials for good health. Herbal teas can be used as natural remedies to some ailments. Want to encourage a healthy lifestyle? Then create a tea drinking habit with these delicious teas made from herbs, dried fruits and spices. The health benefits of herbal teas are simply too many to ignore.

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Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea with its anti-inflammatory properties helps with insulin resistance reduction and boosts weight loss and digestion. Studies have shown that its medicinal purpose also include possible anti-diabetic effects. The rooibos tea can be consumed with honey and lemon.

Matcha green tea

Health benefits of matcha green tea
Matcha green tea. © Dans mon vanity

Immune boosting, antioxidant fix, detoxification and weight loss, matcha green tea does it all. A might punch when it comes to health benefiting properties. A natural way to detoxify, calm the body and bring awareness to the mind. A cupful of matcha tea in the morning might be the much-needed energy boost you need to go about your day.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is known for its anti-nausea and immunity-boosting benefits. This flavourful spicy drink treat can do wonders to heal sore throat. Extra nice when paired and brewed with slice of fresh lemon. Ginger is a generous herb that serves as excellent remedy for flu, relieve menstrual pains, indigestion, and may also offer benefits to diabetic people.

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Chamomile tea

Health benefits of chamomile herbal tea
Chamomile tea. © Medical Medium

The chamomile tea in one word, calming. Chamomile is well known for its relaxing benefits, which helps in anxiety and stress management. A nice cup of chamomile tea often can also help control insulin levels. This tea may offer extra benefits for people with sleeping problem, helps you fall asleep and sleep steady.

Lemon tea

The lemon balm tea can be used to treat anxiety, indigestion and sleep disorders. It improves antioxidant levels and a good health benefit to the skin. Delicious lemon taste that your healthy lifestyle needs.

Hibiscus tea

10 Herbal Teas and Their Incredible Health Benefits
Hibiscus tea. © trance_surfer

This infused herbal tea offers anti-inflammatory properties that help in repairs intestine leakages and lowering the toxicity in the body and gut. Colourful refreshing tea made from calyces of the soothing roselle flower. Steady consumption of hibiscus tea has a positive effect on high blood pressure.

Echinacea tea

Echinacea tea serves as a natural remedy for cold and flu. And, it may also help the body to boost its immune system. Medicinal tea to have on hand in the cold and flu season.

Turmeric tea

Health benefits of turmeric herbal tea
Turmeric tea. © Otto Deli

Regular cupful of turmeric tea may bring lots of benefits to your health. Turmeric is a healthy root that has been used in in traditional medicine for inflammatory bowel disease. A good digestive system also helps in weight loss. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce fat cells. This tea is a valuable addition to health diet, you can always add a glug of honey to counter the bitterness in turmeric.

Black tea

Black tea contains group of antioxidants which benefit heart health, as well as a remedy for intestinal disorders and gastric distress. A bitter brew that can lessen the risk for heart issues if consumed often. Keep brewing and sipping to achieve best results.

Mint tea

Mint tea with fresh basil leaves and organic strawberries. © Herbal Academy

Mint tea is a common home traditional remedy used to relieve discomfort of the digestive system. Infuse your hot water with mint leaves and enjoy the health benefits that comes from it – anti-nausea and mood boosting.

Disclaimer: Always look at the package of the teas before consumption, in order to know its recommendation for adults and children. As well as pregnant women that may have to consult the doctor before consuming.


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