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10 Must-See Contemporary Art Galleries in Casablanca

Casablanca is one of the most liveable cities Morocco, and in Africa. This city has a lively arts and culture scene to it. In recent years, it has slowly and steadily become one of Morocco’s epicentre of alternative art and culture. Supporting the country’s contemporary art-making in all its varieties. We have selected ten unique and outstanding contemporary art galleries you should not miss to visit in Casablanca, Morocco.

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Vosarts top art gallery in Casablanca
Vosarts, art gallery in Casablanca, Morocco. © Vosarts

Vosarts embodies gallery and store with contemporary paintings, a vibrant art space for the arts community. Different art pieces available that wouldn’t leave a hole in your wallet. Makes for a great artistic souvenir and gifts back home. With the Vosarts is where you discover the paintings of contemporary Moroccan artists.

Address: Rue Abou Salt Andaloussi, Casablanca, Morocco

Villa Des Arts

Villa des Arts offers various activities from culture to social issues. A museum and art gallery where you can learn about art, see an exhibition and explore deep art themes. Bringing people together and promoting global awareness on unity while restoring cultural and historical pieces of the community.

Address: 30, Boulevard Brahim Roudani Casablanca, Morocco

La Galerie 38

Galerie 38 top art gallery in Casablanca
Galerie 38, art gallery in Casablanca, Morocco. © La Galerie 38

Constituted in 2010 following the meeting of two art lovers, Mohammed Chaoui El Faiz and Fihr Kettani. The Galerie 38 is a platform for emerging and confirmed artists, national and international. Continuously promoting and developing of the contemporary art and urban scene in Casablanca. Representing works of various artists such as Abdoulaye Konate, Amparo Sard, Fathiya TahiriJef Aerosol, Alec Monopoly, or Fatiha Zemmouri. La Galerie 38 is a strategic art space for the creation and dissemination of contemporary art and urban art for all audiences. An art venue that promoteengaging, stimulating and educational Moroccan and African art pieces.

Address: Route d’Azemmour, Casablanca, Morocco

So Art Gallery

The So Art Gallery is a unique place for art and exhibition. A great contemporary art gallery that allows young talented Moroccans to contribute immensely to the nation’s contemporary art culture.

Address: 29, Rue Jalal Eddine Essayouti, Place des Iris, Casablanca, Morocco

Laredo Art Gallery

Laredo Art Gallery top art gallery in Casablanca
Art gallery in Casablanca, Morocco. © Laredo Art Gallery

Located near the city centre, Laredo Art Gallery offers the opportunity for unpretentious art lovers to acquire art pieces at affordable prices. An eye-catching display ranging from landscapes to culture and life in Morocco.

Address: 41 Rue Taha Hussein, Casablanca, Morocco

Mine d’Art

Diverse art space spread over three levels, accommodating the manifestations of art in all its forms along with various cultural events. Constituted in May 2012, Mine d’Art is a platform that provides art lovers with a place for exchange and discovery of artistic gems in Morocco and abroad. Situated in the Burgundy district, and surrounded by other art galleries surround it, this venue gives birth to an enriching artistic circuit in Casablanca, Morocco.

Address: 2 Rue Annaba, Casablanca 20250, Morocco

Krome Gallery

top contemporary art gallery in Casablanca morocco
Work of Ghizlane Sahli in Krome gallery, Casablanca, Morocco. © Krome Gallery

Krome gallery is a fun art space that highlights a generation of contemporary artists from the street art or graffiti scene mainly. Bring feel good spin to urban art scene in Casablanca.

Loft Art Gallery

One of the well-known and modern art galleries in Casablanca. Founded in 2009 by Yasmine and Meriem Berrada, two dynamic young women passionate about contemporary art. Loft Art Gallery is situated in the heart of Casablanca, showcasing works great Moroccan artistes. A reputable gallery that has partnered with various global organisation with focus on promoting Moroccan and African contemporary art.

Address: 13 Rue El Kaissi, Casablanca, Morocco

Galerie H

Galerie H displays beautiful crafts and hand-made items, celebrating the rich artisan industry in Morocco. It’s a top place for people who love design and craftsmanship. Visit the venue and learn about the traditional methods in Morocco, and see how knowledge is used to modernise pieces for a new approach. Experience rich and varied collaborative works from Moroccan designers.

Address: 181 Boulevard d’Anfa, Casablanca 20000, Morocco

L’Atelier 21

L’Atelier 21 top contemporary art gallery in Casablanca
Art gallery and store in Casablanca, Morocco. © L’Atelier 21

A terrific art gallery dedicated to plastic arts. The L’Atelier 21 art space has been focused on discovery, selling and promoting artists’ works. The gallery is a combination of art exhibit and a purchase area. They also offer a wide range of art consulting to both individuals and institutions.

Address: 21 Rue Abou Al Mahassine Royani, Casablanca, Morocco


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