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22 Beautiful Igbo Names and Their Meanings

Nigeria has over 200 ethnic groups with the Igbo being one of the largest, making up approximately 18 percent of the population. Igbo people have a rich language (Igbo), a unique history and a fascinating culture, and Igbo names are no different. Most Igbo names have very deep meanings and can hold many secrets. Names in Igboland can reveal your ancestral background, or what they did for a living, and some even tell very short stories. While there are many traditional names inspired by religion (both Odinani and Christianity), some names are also inspired by the nature and circumstances surrounding the birth of a child. Here are 22 beautiful Igbo names and their meanings.

To reflect faith and religion, most Igbo Christian parents choose traditional names for their children that include the name of God (Chukwu or Chi). In Igbo language, Chukwu or Chi means God. Whereas Nna means father and Nne means mother.

1. Chukwuma

Chukwuma is a boy’s name, its meaning is “God knows.” A variant of Chima using Chukwu (Chi-Ukwu), meaning “The Most High,” as the first element, which is the extended form of Chi meaning “God”.

2. Nneamaka (Amaka) 

A beautiful name for a girl, meaning; mother is beautiful.

3. Nnamdi

An Igbo name for a boy, meaning; my father lives. Traditionally, it is usual a name given to a grandson who is believed to be incarnate of a late father. 

4. Obianuju (Ujunwa)

Obianuju is an Igbo name for girls. A name given to girl child born in the mist of abundance of wealth, health, and all things positive. 

5. Chimamanda

Chimamanda is a girl’s name of Igbo origin meaning “my God will never fail”. A noble girl name in Nigeria, and amongst them is the famous Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Watch Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie reveal how the name ‘Chimamanda’, came about.

6. Adaeze

Adaeze is a girl’s name, it means the king’s first daughter.

7. Ozoemena

The name Ozoemena means may another one not happenUsually a name given in circumstances where death has occurred in a family.

8. Ifeyinwa

A female name famous in Igboland, which means nothing can be compared to a child. 

9. Chibuzo

The name means God comes first or God is the ultimate. The real name of the famous Nigerian rapper, songwriter and record producer, Phyno, is Chibuzo Nelson Azubuike. 

10. Ikechukwu

Meaning the power of God, Ikechukwu is a popular Igbo name for boys.

igbo boys names and meanings
Igbo boy in full Igbo regalia | Photo: Princessjecoco

11. Nneka

Nneka is beautiful Igbo name for girls, which means mothers are the greatest. 

12. Chukwuebuka

Chukwuebuka is a given name for males. Its meaning is “God Is Mighty or God is the greatest.”

13. Oluchi

Oluchi is a given name for females. Its meaning is “God’s handiwork or God’s creation.”

14. Ngozi

Ngozi is a female given Igbo name. It means “blessing.” The Director-General of the World Trade Organization, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, is among the famous Nigerians named Ngozi.

15. Adaego

Adaego is a beautiful Igbo female given name, which means the first daughter that brings riches and wealth.

igbo names for girls
Igbo girl in her traditional cultural dance attire | Photo: Ddfashionstores2

16. Ebubedike

Ebubedike is a name for boys. In this case, the meaning is “the glory of a hero,” it’s usually a given name to son of a warrior or great man.

17. Chijindu

Chijindu is a name for boys. The meaning is “God is the holder of life,” in most cases, it’s given to a male child who almost died at birth or whose family has recently lost someone to death.

18. Ogechi

Ogechi is a simple and pretty feminine Igbo given name, which means God’s time.

19. Ifunanya  

Ifunanya is a beautiful Igbo name for females. Its meaning is “love.”

20. Chioma

Chioma is a name for girls. It means “good God” or “good luck.” 

list of igbo names
A happy Igbo family | Photo: Mrs Palmer AMIChemE

21. Nnenna

Nnenna, Igbo name for girls, which means father’s mother – given to a girl who is incarnate of his dead mother of her father or grandfather.

22. Nnanna

Nnanna, Igbo name for boys, which means father’s father – given to a boy who is believe incarnate of his dead father or grandfather.

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