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4 Indigenous African Hairstyles Making a Comeback

It is often said that nothing new ever happens under the sun, and this saying is very popular amongst the older generation. That is the reason why whenever anything that appears ‘strange’ or ‘weird’ happens; they just look at it and tell you almost everything you are seeing now has happened before.

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These things cut across behavior, dressing, food, makeup, vices and even hairstyles! Did you know that some of these hairstyles that people are now embracing today were very trendy amongst our grannies and great grannies? We present you with some of those indigenous hairstyles that are now making a comeback.


Afro – © @eujublack/instagram

If you didn’t see any black and white or sepia pictures of your parents with their afros and some weird flared jeans, then you are probably looking in the wrong place. The afro was the ‘main thing’ that time and now, it’s gradually coming back. With almost all ladies joining the natural gang, they always strive to achieve that afro look whether it’s picked out or not.


Cornrows – © @_ibraid/instagram

Although, now there are different things attached to the hair to achieve that look like wool and other attachments, the cornrow hairstyle is something that we Africans pride ourselves in. There is just something about it that makes you feel like a true African, especially when you do styles like “shuku” or “patewo” it literally brings out the natural beauty in you. Gone are the days when people shy away from doing cornrows because it makes them look younger than their age, now everybody wants to look younger-and our weather here doesn’t even help at all, cornrows are perfect for the hot weather because there is free passage of breeze. No wonder people are now embracing it more.

Natural Bun

Natural Bun
Natural Bun – © @blessedwithkurls/instagram

The advent of the natural hair movement has caused so many ladies to experiment with their hair, and part of these experiments is the natural bun, little did they know that it is a comeback hairstyle. To show the extent to which ladies love this hairstyle, there is a natural bun wig for those whose natural hair is not able to form the bun or those who are skeptical about the movement but want to fit in anyway. It is a highly sought after wig because it looks so real. Before now, our mothers and grandmothers whose wore their natural hair usually packed it up to form the bun especially after they just loosed their cornrows. The natural bun indeed has a beauty to it when it is worn. It gives the wearer a look of youth and innocence. As a matter of fact, men now love this new trend because nobody is disturbing them for outrageous amounts just to buy a weave. Solid point guys!

Kiko (Irun Kiko)

Kiko (Irun Kiko) hairstyle
Photo: Courtesy of Chidinma Ekile / @chidinmaekile

Originally done with rubber thread, “kiko” is a Yoruba word that means to pick and this is in line with how the hair is done; picked and then the thread is used to make the hair. However nowadays, people have substituted the rubber thread for the likes of Brazilian wool while still trying to achieve that same beautiful and natural look. It used to be very popular amongst young school girls and older women, but it seems that the aunties too are presently feeling this hairstyle and it is fast becoming a trend again.


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