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6 Baby Shower Planning and Etiquette

Are you a mama-to-be and you want to know what goes into planning baby showers? Baby showers are parties or ceremonies done to celebrate the expectant birth of a new baby. A baby shower is a way of bringing family and friends together to help get everything the mom and baby would be needing. Here are some great ideas and etiquette a baby shower. Want to celebrate your baby shower, your friends’, please your BFF? Read on to discover the things you need to know about baby shower planning and etiquettes. We hope you have a memorable and fun baby shower!

Who should host the baby shower?

It is untraditional for the expectant mother to host her own baby shower. Usually, friends, co-workers or distant relatives are ideal for hosting baby showers. The reason for this is to avoid being perceived as asking for gifts since the point of baby showers is for your well-wishers to show you support with gifts. However, in recent times, people are hosting their own baby showers.

Getting Word Out

baby shower invitation
Girl baby shower invitation card idea | © CreavtiveFire/Canva

Timing is important when sending out invitations. Once the date is set, you can send invites between 2-3 weeks before the baby shower. This can be done with phone calls to the guests; however, written invitations prove more effective.

When is the best time for a baby shower?

Right timing is very essential to avoid scenarios of “too soon” or “too late”. Baby showers usually hold between 4-6 weeks before the expected date of delivery. However, some couples prefer to have their baby shower after delivery so that the baby can be the guest of honor. Having enough time also helps your guests prepare and buy gifts. 

Who should be invited to my baby shower?

Typically, close friends and family members of the parents-to-be are invited for baby showers. Whoever is in charge of planning the baby shower should prepare a guest list and have the parents-to-be approve it before sending invitations out. In the past, baby showers were usually an all-female thing but in recent times, co-ed baby showers are becoming increasingly popular. If you are planning a baby shower for someone, make sure to find out from the mother-to-be if she would prefer co-ed baby shower or an all-female event. 

Choosing the right venue for a baby shower

The venue for your baby shower will depend on the number of people you are inviting. If the guests are just a few people, you can actually have the baby shower in a home. This could be the home of the host or planner or one of the friends or relatives who opts for it. The home of the parents-to-be is also ideal for a small baby shower, but if you are the planner bear in mind that someone has to stay back after the party to help them with cleaning up. 

baby shower ideas
Mama-to-be and her squad at baby shower | © ELNariz/Canva

There are several other venues that can be used, just search for places nearby. However, it is important to keep the preferences of the parents-to-be in mind when choosing a venue. Also, keep in mind the kinds of activities that can be accommodated in any venue you decide to use. 

Choosing the right menu

You can choose to have a buffet depending on your preferences. A menu with foods that are easy to cook would be a wise choice. List your options, from grilled chicken, samosa, salads, cocktails etc. If you plan on using a restaurant as your venue, you should request for a budget beforehand. 

Games for your baby shower

games at baby shower
Baby shower letter cookies | RuthBlack/Canva

Games are activities that can light up baby showers and make them fun. There are several games you can try out like matching games; guessing the baby’s name; guests can be asked to talk about an attribute of the parents they would love to see in the baby. You can use Google to find fun games you can try at your baby shower.

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