7 Best Makeup Brushes

These are the best makeup brushes that are very useful and every lady should have them in their makeup bag.

Powder Brush

Ditch that puff that came with your powder and opt for large, fluffy dome-shaped makeup brushes instead. It will give a more even, natural-looking finish, whether it’s face powder or bronzer, but also allowing use of less product, but. Natural fibers give the best results. When it comes to setting powder, to avoid a mask-like look, stick to the zone and inner cheeks. Swirl the brush in the product and tap the handle to remove any excess and swirl the brush onto the skin, and remember to be gentle. Move in circular strokes to blend the powder more evenly.

QUICK TIP: Want fuller coverage from your powder? Lightly mist the brush with water and mix with powder to turn light powder into a thicker product.

Powder Brush

Blush Brush

This makeup brush is a smaller version of the powder brush, a blush brush is essential for applying, blending and contouring with precision. Bronzers and highlighters also apply. The smaller head allows you to deposit the color slowly and build up, so you don’t get major clown vibes. Tap bristles into blush of your choice to pick up just a bit of color. Then, holding the brush at an angle of 45-degree from your face, concentrate the blush on the apples of the cheeks and use circular motions to blend along the cheekbones.

QUICK TIP: If you need to soften the blush color, go back over your cheeks with rapid, give it few back-and-forth strokes.

Blush Brush

Eyeshadow Brush

This makeup brush is medium blending and shading brush for the eyes is the one you’ll need to apply all-over eyeshadow color. The paddle shape and denser fibers will give your lids a smooth and even finish with more intense pigment than a fluffier brush would. Sweep the powder or cream shadow over the lids from the inside of the eye outwards. You can also use the tip of the brush to create a defined line in the crease or smudge color under the lower lash line.

QUICK TIP: Apply eyeshadow in a windshield wiper motion across the lid for really intense colour.

Eyeshadow Brush

Angled Eye Brush

This makeup brush can be used in two different but amazing ways. First, you can apply gel eyeliner for a crisp, clean line or cat eye. Or dip the brush in water and, using eyeshadow, create a really strong eyeliner. The small, dense brush allows for precision along the lash lines, either way. Second, you can apply brow powder with the brush, filling in your arches (angling the brush as you work from the arch through to the tail and with the pointed-end facing down towards your nose), or even blend and smooth out an eyebrow pen or pencil.

QUICK TIP: Fill in your brows with short strokes. Hold the brush horizontally against your arches, smooth the powder through your brows, flattening the hairs and blending the strokes.

Angled Eye Brush


Once you’ve used a spoolie brush, you’ll never look back. You can apply mascara or eyebrow color with it, as well as comb, separate and define your eyebrows and eyelashes. When it comes to your brows, always brush up and out with a spoolie. This will soften the brow, remove any excess product and open up your eyes. Got clumpy mascara? Soften out those pesky clumps and wield the spoolie to lightly tug.

QUICK TIP: Added bonus! Use a spoolie with a lip scrub. Gently work the wand back and forth over your lips to remove all the dead skin cells and rinse off.

Spoolie makeip brush

Concealer Brush

This is a synthetic concealer brush that will allow you to apply and blend your products without wiping it off. The small head and short bristles will get perfectly into all the nooks and crannies around your eye and nose, key areas of concealing. Don’t just press too hard when blending. This brush can also be used for cream-based highlighters and eyeshadows and lips colors, in a pinch.

QUICK TIP: For under-eye concealer, think liquid and light (slightly lighter than your skin tone). For blemishes and other imperfections, use the same color as your foundation.

Concealer Brush

Precision Sponge

Technically not a brush, but just as important! This egg-shaped sponge is a true multi-tasker – it can be used to apply primer, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, bronzer, you name it. The tapered tip makes it easy to reach small corners with base wide enough for the rest of the face. The sponge really excels, although, when it comes to blending. Instantly, it smooths out any hard lines, creating a seamless finish. The secret? Dab it in no wiping motions – on your face. Think tap, tap, tap.

QUICK TIP: Make it damp before you use it in order to prevent the sponge from picking up too much product.

Precision Sponge

Images courtesy of H&M


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