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50+ aesthetic small living room decor ideas

When designing a living room always prioritise function and feeling. The living room should able to portray our style and personality, since is where the majority of families spend their time while at home as well as where we receive guests. From travel destination inspired aesthetics to country chic to modern minimalist, the great room decor styles are extremely varied. Looking for aesthetic small living room ideas to maximize your family room, or sitting room space? Check out some of the ways to add a touch of African decor ideas, turquoise living room, country living room, beachy living room, pink-themed living room, or green and tropical living rooms inspired styles to your home. These classic and stylish home decor infusions and ideas will make your small living room feel bigger!

Everyday luxury living rooms

luxury small living rooms
Photo: Courtesy of BDAA Architects
small living room inspiration
Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Ringwald

These modern luxury designs for small living rooms makes tiny spaces so spacious and establishes a calming and comforting rich atmosphere.

Welcoming hues living rooms

living room welcoming hues
Photo: H&M HOME
living room welcoming hues
© WOW 1 Day Painting

Welcoming hues make a harmonious blend, particularly in small living room spaces.

Japanese living room ideas

Japanese inspired living room decor
Photo: Courtesy of Paul Montgomery Studio
Japanese inspired living room ideas
Photo: Courtesy of Brownlow Interior Design

Living rooms inspired by Japanese accents exudes tranquility. Minimalist Japanese painting or art piece can be focal point for modern interiors.

Pop of colour living rooms

aesthetic small living rooms
Photo: Courtesy of RON GOH
aesthetic small living rooms
Design by W.A.Green | Image Credit: paul raeside

Its lovely when pops of colour is throughout the living room, and you can pull extra colour into your room design every time you draw the curtains, or simply by adding night mood lights.

Beachy living room ideas

aesthetic beachy living room
Photo: Courtesy of Overstock
aesthetic beachy living room
Photo: Courtesy of Gaelle Dudley

When designing a beachy living room, focus on realization of the design ideas and vibe that make you feel like you live on the beach.

Monochrome living rooms

aesthetic monochrome home decors
Photo: Carlyle Designs
aesthetic monochrome home decors

Monochrome living room home decors will make you feel blessed and grateful for your home everyday. It looks beautiful and has amazing quality inserts!

Rich-gold living rooms

affordable gold home accents
affordable gold home accents

Spoil your small living room spaces with a gold touch by decorating with affordable metallic collection of rugs, pillows, or throws. Gold features add extra depth, sparkle, and dimension, they are so incredibly gorgeous!

Country living room ideas

aesthetic living rooms
Photo: Cotswold Interior
aesthetic living rooms
Photo: Vibeke Melby

You just need to light the fire, light a few candles, open the wine… And relax in the country.

Mid-century living rooms

midcentury family room decor
Photo: Izzy Leonard
midcentury family room decor
Photo: Itsjustamyk

Midcentury modern inspired living rooms for small spaces, keeps the aged-centuries architecture and design very much alive. And of course, a signature sofa is a must for your mid-century paradise to be complete.

African living room decors

African decor influence
Photo: H&M HOME
African decor ideas
Photo: Zoco Home
African decor accents
Photo: Kyemah McEntyre

African Influence; breathe life into your living room with an effortless aesthetic; the travel inspired Africa home decor range.

Two-tone living rooms

aesthetic two toned decor
© Brookemoraleshome
aesthetic two toned decor
© Noelle Interiors

Layered neutrals and soft furnishings are perfect for a two-toned living room.

Gallery wall living rooms

aesthetic gallery wall styles
© Prvbsthirtyonegirl
aesthetic gallery wall styles
© eli_at_home
aesthetic gallery wall styles
© Talirothdesigns

Use the gallery style to make your small living room greater. Feature your favourite art pieces or photos that are special to you on your walls to tell exactly the stories you want them to tell. Incredible gallery walls are so inspiring!

Contemporary flair living room ideas

aesthetic contemporary flair
© Danakoebbedesign
aesthetic contemporary flair
© Benjamin Johnston Design

Contemporary flair accents add the perfect balance of timeless elegance that mesmerizes classic furnishings and traditional designs of small spaces.

Green living room ideas

green scheme for small living room decor ideas
Photo: Courtesy of Hilary & Flo
green colour scheme decor
Photo: Courtesy of Redecorgame

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your living room area, and blend furniture, art frames and decorations to harmonise all-encompassing colour scheme.

Nature landscape living rooms

nature landscape living room
Photo: Courtesy of Craig Miller-Randle
nature landscape living room
Photo: Courtesy of cobblestones_and_wells

Bring the beautiful nature into your home by decorating with items that reflects the beauty of the spring, or open your window and gaze at the nature and its beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Global fusion living rooms

global inspired accents
Photo: Courtesy of Kathykuohome
global travel inspired accents
Photo: Courtesy of Argos Home

Breathe life into your living room with an effortless aesthetic of global fusion scheme. You can bring the outdoors into your home with refreshing greens, neutral hues and global travel inspired accents.

Traditional living room ideas

traditional living room aesthetics
© Scheffer Interiors
traditional living room aesthetics
© Cshilpkari

Traditional living room home decor styles are never out of style.

Turquoise living room ideas

turquoise home decor ideas
© Beautiful Turquoise
turquoise home decor
© Imhomestylist

Some want an all-encompassing colour scheme inspired by beach waters and sky, and some just go for just a touch of turquoise–literally.

Cosy rustic living rooms

aesthetic Rustic living room
© jellinadetmar
aesthetic Rustic living room
© haneens_haven

Use modern and rustic living room furniture and décor that will create a warm and inviting atmosphere to be enjoyed all year-round.

Warm hues living room ideas

aesthetic warm hues
© Janabekdesign
aesthetic warm hues
© Adairs

Bright hues, texture, and tassels and soft lighting create the perfect ambience for small living room spaces.

Southern charm living rooms

aesthetic southern charm decors
© Betsy Anderson Interiors
aesthetic southern charm decors
© James Farmer

Mix of patterns and textures of southern charm decors truly make a delightful living room, especially in small spaces.

Floral living rooms

Aesthetic floral decors
© thiscolourfulnest
Aesthetic floral home decors
© lmwdecor

Grey living room ideas

living room grey home decors
Photo: H&M HOME
living room grey home decors
Photo: H&M HOME

Grey beautifully decorates living room is a treasure trove of rich colours, and using interesting shapes and embellished details to create a warm and inviting living room.

Coastal living room ideas

coastal home decors
© Mollyinmaine
aesthetic beach-themed and nautical accessories
© Nicole – The Elanora

Bring the ocean and breezy to your home by looks inspired by life by the ocean.

Tropical living room ideas

Tropical living room aesthetics
Photo: H&M HOME
Tropical living room aesthetics
Photo: H&M HOME

Make your living room a tropical paradise with pops of yellow and green as well tropical-printed cushions, blue-tinted glassware and beautiful wide vases. Tropical aesthetics are always trendy interior inspo!

High ceiling living rooms

living room aesthetics for small spaces
© furnilusso
living room aesthetics for small spaces
© ustom Drapery Designs, LLC

High ceiling alert! Pull the curtains and make your home luxe, bright and super airy.

Natural light living room ideas

earthy tones and round shapes decors
earthy tones and round shapes

Make more out of your small space by decorating with natural materials, earthy tones and round shapes, because they absorb natural light and create a space where air and freshness overflows.

Geometrical living rooms

aesthetics geometrical for living rooms
Photo: Roche Bobois
aesthetics geometrical for living rooms
Photo: linn_viken

Pink-themed living rooms

pink small living room decor ideas
Photo: H&M HOME
living room pink hues
© Bold NY Design

From pale pastel pink decor schemes to blush pink beauties, pink-themed living room designs have something to suit every style and taste.

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