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Algiers City Guide: How to Explore Algeria’s Capital

Located on the west side of the bay of the Mediterranean Sea, Algiers, is the largest city and capital of Algeriaand it is most notably the seat of the government for the country. However, what most don’t know is that Algiers is rich in history, culture, beachfront and art — there are numerous resorts, landmarks and beautiful architectural structures worth visiting. To prepare travellers for the next trip to Algeria, we’ve put together following incentives to visit the Algerian whilst within Mediterranean borders. Read our guide to discovering and exploring Algeria’s capital and best places to visit.

The old city of Algiers

Officially known as Cabash (Kasbah), this section of the city can be traced back to the 17th century, built on the ruins of old IcosiumCabash is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the city’s phenomenal architecture whic includes the Cabash Palace, Ketchaoua mosque, Mosque el Djedid and Mosque el Kebir. The astonishing white palace with a courtyard, numerous porch and a magnificent staircase was built in 1791 and named Dar Aziza Princess Aziza Bent ed-Dey.

Maqam Echahid

Martyrs' Memorial Algiers
Maqam Echahid (Martyrs’ Memorial, Algiers) | © WikimediaCommons

Maqam Echahid aka the Martyrs’ Memorial of Algiers, is an extremely significant monument that was launched on the 20th anniversary of the country’s independence, it will no doubt impress. This enormous structure was built to resemble three palm leaves joined together to protect a flame beneath known as the Eternal Flame. This location also has an amphitheatre, a crypt and also houses the Museum of El Mujahid. It was commissioned in 1986 by the then President of Algeria, Chadli Bendjedid. Maqam Echahid can be found on the hills beside the Hamma neighbourhood.

? Chemin Omar Kechkar, Algiers, Algeria 

Algerian seaside resorts

Located just west of the Algerian capital are stunning Mediterranean seaside resorts, great for escaping the heat and the busy city. Accommodations, shops that sell souvenirs and restaurants can be located in these areas. Sidi Fredj is a favourite coastal town resort found on a peninsula 30km outside of Algiers. A town characterized by beautiful architecture, a harbour and sandy beaches. We also recommend the town of Zeralda because of the Mazafran tourist complex. It has great hotels, shops and restaurants.

Djamaa el Kebir

Great Mosque of Algiers
Djamaa el Kebir (The Great Mosque of Algiers) | © Habib Boucetta/Flickr

Built in 1097, Djamaa el Kebir or the Great Mosque of Algiers, is the oldest mosque in the Algerian capital. It is one of the few remaining left illustrations of Almoravid architecture. Built under Sultan Ali ibn Yusuf, it features a large rectangular courtyard, an 18th century mihrab, 14th century minarets and a prayer hall with 11 naves. This great mosque is located near the harbour in the ancient Cabash area. The building was constructed out of stone, brick, wood, decorated with sophisticated ceramic and wood ornaments.

Rue El Mourabitoune, Alger, Algeria 


Thanks to its laid-back atmosphere, the Mediterranean capital city of Algiers has long been a holiday destination that is particularly popular with families. Piscine Aquafortland, has no shortage of child-friendly activities, it is an all-important water park in the City. Not to be missed for travellers looking for spa and pampering leisure when in Algiers.

Bordj El Kiffan, Algeria 

Bab El Oued

Bab El Oued algeria
Aerial view of Algiers’ Bab El Oued neighbourhood | © Brahim Ait-ouarab/Flickr

Tourists often visit the Bab El Oued neighborhood in the capital of Algeria, along the coast north of the city centre, for its historic charm. It is one of the most loved areas in the city. The neighbourhood is the home of famous Algerians including football legend, Djamal Keddou, athlete Baya Rahouli and Muay Thai world champion Dida Diafat. Famous for its square with the three clocks and its great market Triplet, tourists can spend an afternoon wandering around the area as a way to enjoy exploring the local parts of the city.

Didouche Mourad Street

Didouche Mourad Street of fun capital of Algeria, Algiers, contains a few local favorites such as the frequent markets, filled with the real essence and heritage that Algeria embodies. Spanning from the Grand Post office to the Heights of Algiers, it is located right at the city center, with an array of small shops and restaurants lined across it. This street is a major tourist attraction because of the presence of landmarks such as the Faculty of Algiers, park of Galland and of course the Grand Post office. The street is filled with life and activity. The Haussmann style architecture is also a major attraction.

Notre-Dame d’Afrique

Exploring Algeria’s Capital
Notre Dame d’Afrique (Our Lady of Africa), the basilica of Algiers, Algeria | © Bougherbal Ammar Redouane/Flickr

This astonishing Roman Catholic basilica is a product of Neo Byzantine style architecture. It was built in the late 1800’s and was a predominant style in the then French Algeria. This magnificent edifice took 14 years to build and the doors of the church were opened in 1872. Located in the north side of the city, the church sits on a cliff overlooking the bay of Algiers. It is often described as a reflection for the Marseille Notre-Dame de la Garde which can be found on the other side of the Mediterranean.

?Rue de ZigharaBologhine, Algeria 

Farid Benyaa art gallery

For art lovers in Algiers, the Art Gallery Benyaa, is a great place to explore and learn about the local artist Farid Benyaapurpotedly one of the country’s greatest artist of all time. The gallery hosts his personal works and the works of other Alerian artists, be it visual art or music. The museum of popular arts also exhibits a wide variety of local arts and crafts collections. Both ancient and modern items crafted by local artists can be found here.

Art Gallery Benyaa 

Sheraton Club des Pins Resort

sheraton resort algiers
Mediterranean beachfront at the Sheraton Club des Pins Resort | © Marriott International, Inc

The Sheraton Club des Pins Resort is one of the top best hotels in Algiers, Algeria. A great place to spend an evening and to enjoy the services of the resort, it doesn’t require people being guests. The hotel offers a variety of cuisines, ranging from Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern or the local ones. The seasonal terrace restaurant overlooking the bay also offers seafood options. Visitors can also enjoy some live music at the lounge of the resort and sip on cocktails in the chic lobby bar.

Boite Postal 62, Staoueli, Algeria 


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