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20 best places to visit and destinations in Morocco

From the dreamy blue city of Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains to the famous delightfully charming open spaces of Marrakech, Dream Africa has assembled a selection of the best places to travel in Morocco. Whether you look forward to a city break, a romantic getaway, a family, the best views or beach holiday, a cultural trip, you will be spoilt for choice with the trendiest Moroccan top destinations. Want to discover the best of Morocco? Want to find out more about where to go in Morocco? Find the best places and cities to visit, top destinations in Morocco with our travel photography tips and guide. Your ultimate bucket list to travel in Morocco.


colours of Marrakech
The colours of Marrakech | Photo: Courtesy of JM / @global_traveller__

Imagine a timeless place, imagine Marrakech. This colour-drenched city is known worldwide as the tourist capital of Morocco. A leading culture tourism destination; it is also a perfect destination for lovers, foodies, music and history lovers. From gardens to vibrant souks, museums to palaces and mosques, there are unlimited things to do in Marrakech, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by city’s eclectic cultural explosion.

Ouzoud Falls

ouzoud falls photography
Ouzoud Falls, waterfalls near the Middle Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt, Morocco | Photo by @abdou_taliani_officiel

One of the most beautiful places and views in Morocco for nature lovers. Ouzoud Falls is collection of several waterfalls that you can admire on your visit. A popular tourism destination located near the Middle Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt where thousands of discerning travellers go to enjoy the relaxing sound of waterfalls.


Asilah beach morocco
Photo: Asilah City Morocco /

Looking for a destination with a side culture and beach? Asilah, Morocco’s hidden seaside town is where tradition meets modernity with unrivaled natural beauty and cultural centers. Food in Asilah is a mixture of Moroccan and Valencian influences.


Taghoua Arc Legzira
Taghoua Arc, along the rocky Atlantic beach near Sidi Ifni | Photo: Courtesy of Ayoub Kersit / @ayoubkersit1

The beach and arches that set Legzira apart are well worth a visit. Famous for its Taghoua Arc, natural rock formation situated along the rocky Atlantic beach near Sidi Ifni, with several beach side restaurants.


largest tannery Fes
Chouara Tannery, the largest tannery in Fez, Morocco | Photo: Courtesy of Leonardo / @eonardo

Fes exudes a cultural aura set between the medieval Marinid architecture and old-world atmosphere, no wonder tourism dominates year-round. You’ll find all of the colours of the rainbow when you visit Chouara Tannery, the largest tannery in the city of Fes, and one of the oldest. Fes is truly the capital of culture of the country. One of the best places to experience in Morocco!


Tangier mosque morocco
The Grand Mosque of Tangier | © Visit Morocco

Do you know that Tangier is a strategic gateway destination between Africa and Europe? Located on the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier, is definitely the destination to put on top of your bucket list.


ansi valley morocco
Magnificent nature in Asni Valley | © Visit Morocco

Your imagination is reality in this Moroccan small town in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. Everything is about relaxation and nature. Asni is popular with travellers from around the world for its authenticity.


Painted Blue Rocks Tafraoute
Les Rochers Bleus (painted rocks) in Tafraoute | Photo: Courtesy of BaDr Eddine Najjari / @badr_najjari

Tafraoute is a typical tourist route, famous for the magnificent painted rocks – Les Rochers Bleus, which translates to “The Blue Rocks”, painted in 1984 by Belgian artist Jean Vérame. 


Hassan Tower Rabat
Hassan Tower, beautiful monument in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco | © Visit Morocco

The Moroccan capital is an ideal destination for a family trip to experience its Arabic and French-colonial heritage or make a romantic getaway to declare your love on the shores of the Bouregreg River and the Atlantic Ocean. Thrilling experiences await you in Rabat. 


Agadir Morocco sunset
Agadir at sunset | Photo: Courtesy of Nathalie Aron / @voyagefox_

Romantic walks in a city located in the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains, is an unforgettable moment to cherish forever. A resort destination, Agadir is your dream destination for seaside holidays! 


sunset Essaouria morocco
Sunset in Essaouria | Photo: Courtesy of Sergey Sukhov / @sergeysuxov

The Moroccan port city and resort on Atlantic coast is trendier and adventurous than ever. Essaouira is the ideal destination for culture, gastronomy, diversity and water sports lovers. 


Morocco blue city Chefchaouen
Blue fairytale in Chefchaouen | Photo: Courtesy of Marina Comes / @marinacomes

Chefchaouen is, with Cairo, La Digue and Cape Town, as one of Africa’s top destinations for love and romance. Perfect destination for lovers, here anyone can create his/her picture-perfect postcard of Morocco’s blue city. Feels like you’re living in a blue fairytale when in Chefchaouen. Looking for the best views in Morocco? The wow effect is guaranteed!


Azilal morocco
Turquoise waters in Azilal | Photo: Courtesy of АНАСТАСИЯ / @a_gubinskaya

Surrounded by mountains and turquoise waters made for swimming, Azilal, is a hidden destination for holidaymakers looking for relaxation and reconnection with nature. Azilal remains one of the most photographed destinations in the Atlas Mountains.


Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II Mosque, located in Casablanca | Photo: Courtesy of Anas Pictures /

Tradition and culture meet modernity in museums and shops, restaurants and bars in Casablanca. Casablanca is a sophisticated commercia hub with delicious gastronomic delights, creative vibes and a vibrant culture and art scenesThe Casablanca Mohammed V Airport receives most international flights into the country. 


Atlas Mountains backdrop
Atlas Mountains backdrop from Ouarzazate | Photo: Courtesy of Kyle Miller / @_kmil

Known as the gateway to the Sahara Desert and Morocco’s Hollywood, Ouarzazate, is a destination of dramatic natural landscapes, and a place of mountains. Host to some of the best sights and views in Morocco.


tamri surf morocco
Natural phenomena in Tamri, Morocco | Photo: Courtesy of Mounir / @mounir_discover

Tamri is a small Moroccan coastal town and rural commune full of good vibes and surf. Home to breathtaking natural phenomena and some amazing surf spots.


oasis Tetouan morocco
Pure calmness in Tetouan | Photo by @bentamouabdellah

Do you fancy a holiday by the valley, few miles south of the Strait of GibraltarTétouan is for you. Tétouan aka the White Dove is a major tourist destination during the summer period offering visitors culture, history, heritage and landmarks. 


zagora mountain desert
Zagora mountain and desert backdrop | Photo: Courtesy of Morocco / @morocco

With small-town charm and atmosphere, bound by the mountain Zagora from which the town got its name, Zagora is exactly what you need for an unforgettable small-city break in Morocco. 


snow Ifrane Morocco
Snowy town of Ifrane, coldest city in Morocco | © Visit Morocco

Fancy an adventurous holiday in Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains? Morocco’s little Switzerland, Ifran, is a place of dramatic natural landscapes, featuring ski slopes and forests, waterfalls and national park. Do you know that Ifran is the coldest city in Morocco? Ifran is definitely the destination to put on top of your bucket list for a summer and winter resort.


meknes wine morocco
Wine and romance in Meknes, Morocco | Photo: Courtesy of Château Roslane

It is the capital of Moroccan wines and one of the best wine destinations in Africa. A perfect destination for lovers, foodies, history and culture lovers.

We also recommend our guide to the most beautiful towns in Morocco.


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