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11 Best Surfing Beaches in West Africa

It is without argument that West Africa is the home to some of the most beautiful tropical beaches in the world. Whether you are a seasoned pro looking to ride the giant breaks or a beginner just looking for something mellow, these surfing destinations got the ideal spots to catch some waves. Are you a surfer scouring the earth in search of the perfect waves? Here’s an Africa travel guide for you to discover the best surfing beaches in West Africa.

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Tarkwa Bay, Lagos, Nigeria

Africa Travel Guide | Best Surfing Beaches: Tarkwa Bay, Lagos
Surfers at the Tarkwa Bay, Lagos. © mrxtphr/instagram

While you may be surprised that there are beaches where you can surf in Nigeria, we can confidently tell you that you have missed a lot if you haven’t been to any of them. Lagos is the busiest city in Nigeria, but it also hosts a great deal of some beautiful beaches, Tarkwa Bay is one of them. With its beautiful scenery, great vibe and someone to even teach you all you need to know about surfing, all that is left is you and your surf board. Just incase you get hungry from all that time in the waves; you can treat yourself to a fresh fish barbeque from any of the local fishermen on the beach. Oh, and one last thing, don’t forget to go with your sunscreen because the sun there isn’t playing!

Santa Maria Beach, Sal, Cape Verde

The little island of Sal is one of the other ones that make up the country that we know as Cape Verde. This island was a center for salt mining for a long time before it became a place for great surfers, thanks to the strong wind that blows there. The Santa Maria beach is one the beaches in Sal that you can explore and enjoy. With its clean white and soft sands and clear water, the Santa Maria beach is one of the most sought after beaches in Cape Verde. Not only do you wind surf, there is also an opportunity of kite surfing. The locals there are very friendly and homely, so you are definitely in good hands!

Banana Beach, Sao Tome And Principe

Very calm, peaceful and beautiful in nature, Praia da banana as it is called, is probably the most popular beach in Principe. The surroundings are beautiful and you are sure to have a great and private time swimming and surfing. Some have described their experience here and truly magical and this isn’t far from the truth as the banana shaped form with the crystal blue water is definitely something that will attract you. Other activities apart from surfing that you can do here are snorkeling and kayaking. You just have to visit this beach!

Busua Beach, Ghana

Africa Travel Guide | Best Surfing Beaches: Busua Beach, Ghana
A surfer at the Busua Beach, Ghana. © visitorstore/instagram

Located in the village of Busua, this beach is considered as one of the safest beaches along the Atlantic coast. One great thing about this beach is that even if you don’t know anything about surfing, there are so many places set up to give you an adequate knowledge in surfing. From surfing camps, to surfing tours, you can’t feel left out while others are having fun. The Busua beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in Ghana, we are pretty sure we know why now. It is a clean and beautiful place where you can either decide to have a solitary moment, or enjoy with loved ones.

Chaves Beach, Boa Vista

Very lovely especially in the daytime, the Chaves beach is another great beach to explore all kinds of water sports including surfing. With its thin and lovely sand that makes you feel as though you were walking on sand dunes, this beach gives you a lovely experience and more. There is also a beautiful beach bar that you can relax, meet up with other people, get good and reasonably priced food and drinks as well as have fun while at it.

Isla Corisco, Equatorial Guinea

The Corisco Island is a small beautiful place in Equatorial Guinea that has a great weather suitable for aquatic activities. With its soft white beach sand, it is a good place to walk as well as surf. The blue water gives it a more breathtaking look that attracts people from far and wide. While you are there, you can decide to go scuba diving too, awesome stuff right?

Pointe Des Almadies, Dakar, Senegal

Africa Travel Guide | Best Surfing Beaches: Pointe Des Almadies, Dakar
Sunset at the Pointe Des Almadies, Dakar. © tj.haslam/flickr

Very popular amongst the water sports lovers, Pointes des Almadies is a great place to get on your surf boards and bask in the thrill of the mighty waves. Water activities are usually at their peak from starting from November all through to may. Beautiful spot for relaxing and going at it with the waves, you have to find your way to the Almadies peninsula and give yourself a treat.

Tokeh Beach, Sierra Leone

Africa Travel Guide | Best Surfing Beaches: Tokeh Beach, Sierra Leone
Tokeh Beach, Sierra Leone – © bobthemagicdragon/flickr

This stunning white-sand beach is undoubtedly a place to be. Clear water, gorgeous sunsets perfect for swimming, sunbathing and of course surfing. This beach is a very safe place for various outdoor activities. Very close to the beach is the beach resort known as Tokeh sands which boasts of an excellent customer service, accommodation and food. While you are here, you can even pay a visit or two to the fishing village where you can feed your eyes and probably your mouth too with amazing species of fishes present there.

Bureh Beach, Sierra Leone

Peaceful, quiet, beautiful, breathtaking are just some of the attributes that describe the Bureh beach. With the presence of little or nobody at all, you can explore all you want in this beach. The waves are great for surfing, whether you are a beginner or not, you get to enjoy a blissful moment while riding! The sandy beach is a great place for sunbathing while looking at the mountains in the background. Its crystal clear water makes it even more attractive to anyone who goes there. If you need to eat or drink, all these are available just nearby, talk about a complete experience.

Kotu Beach, Gambia

Africa Travel Guide | Best Surfing Beaches: Kotu Beach, Gambia
Kotu Beach, Gambia – © markhodson/flickr

Located within the kombo saint Mary district¸ the kotu beach is one of the most frequented beach in the Gambia. The beach is properly outlined with coconut palm tree which give it that tropical look. The waves here run as low as 25m to 300m, so you just have to decide what level is good enough for you to surf. There are lifeguards stationed on the beach, so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. You can also indulge yourself in some sunbathing, horse riding, bird watching and so many more things while you are here.

Monogaga Beach, Ivory Coast

Popularly described as one of the best beaches in Ivory Coast, you can’t help but love everything about this beach. There is something magnificent and peaceful about the clear water on this beach that makes you want to explore it. The Monogaga Beach is a great place for surfing as it is the most popular water sport in this area. In fact, surfing competitions are held on this beach which also draws more attention to the beach. While you may not be interested in surfing, there are other things you could do like enjoying a game of volleyball, dance to some live music, having a nice local meal and just basically having a great and memorable time. Pack your bags and luggage and off you go! Have a great time surfing!


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