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Top 10 Ghanaian food you have to try

Ghana is one of the most visited and best travel and tourism destinations in Africa. No visit to Ghana is complete without sampling some of its traditional dishes, full of colourful and tasteful flavoursOften linked to Nigerian foods, the use of local and fresh ingredients makes Ghanaian food a delight on the senses. We might not speak Twi, but here at Dream Africa, however, we are fluent in Ghanaian cuisine! Here is a small tour of traditional Ghanaian foods – from Ghana jollof rice to banku and tilapia, read on to discover the top 10 Ghanaian food you should try for your next trip. Akwaaba!

Banku and tilapia

banku and tilapia on list of traditional foods in Ghana
Banku and tilapia, is a top traditional Ghanaian food | © F2FA

Banku is a staple Ghanaian food and it is quite easy to prepare, by using corn dough and cassava dough and water depending on the thickness you want. Banku and tilapia – grilled tilapia is delicacy among Ghanaians, and it really complements banku. This dish is a traditional dish of Ghana, and one of our favourites!

Kontomire stew

Kontomire stew paired with boiled yam or plantain is a Ghanaian’s favourite. This Ghanaian food is a highly nutritious Kontomire stew made from boiled tender cocoyam leaves, salted fish and boiled eggs, and goes perfectly with boiled yams, plantains and avocado. Always served with boiled yam or plantain, but you could do both at same time.


This Ghanaian food usually sold as a snack or side dish all over Accra, Kelewele is an instant favourite among those that try it. It is fried soft plantains that have been soaked in peppers, ginger and garlic marinate. Kelewele is savoury peppery. It is one of the most popular ghana foods.

Kelewele on list of traditional foods in Ghana
Ghanaian Kelewele | © Mac-Jordan Degadjor/Flickr


Kenkey or kormi as called in some tribes, is a typical local dish made from fermented corn dough. Kenkey is best served with hot pepper sauce – soup or stew. Its widely consumed throughout Ghana.


Waakye is a Ghanaian food of cooked rice and beans. This meal is served with other sides such as fried plantain, garri, spaghetti and avocado. It is considered one of the best ghanaian foods.

waakye on list of traditional foods in Ghana
Waakye, a traditional Ghanaian food | © Waakye Radar

Peanut stew (groundnut soup)

This delicious Ghanaian dish is the perfect main course for serving a crowd. Made with peanut butter and chicken, groundnut soup is thick, delicious and comforting. The groundnut soup/stew is also well loved in Cameroon.

Red red

Red red is a traditional Ghanaian dish made with West African beans, palm oil and tomatoes. The ultimate comforting main, delicious Ghanaian recipe that combines a rich beans stew with fried plantain. This hearty and wholesome Ghanaian bean stew is perfect for all. This is among our favourite Ghanaian food, so delicious it made it to our list of must-try mouth-watering  African foods.

red red ghana food
Red red (Ghanaian beans stew) | © akitchenfaraway


Fufu aka fufuo, is a staple starchy Ghanaian dish. Never eaten alone, fufu can be served with a diversity of stew and soup including egusi soup, vegetable soup and okro soup. Beyond Ghana, fufu is very much loved in Nigeria and other West African countries.


Jollof rice

There’s always jollof rice war going on between Ghana and Nigeria, and sometimes, Senegal, too. Despite that, each country still uses local ingredients to prepare in a way peculiar to them. Jollof rice is everyone’s favourite – you cannot make everyone happy, unless you are jollof rice.

jollof rice on list of traditional foods in Ghana
Jollof rice, a traditional Ghanaian dish | © NyoNyo Essentials

Etor (otor)

Etor known also as otor, is Ghanaian traditional yam purée, or sometimes plantain purée. This is a popular is a popular Ghanaian dish in South Ghana.


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