In the Style Nigeria, What They’re Wearing in Lagos

Lagos has fast become a trend setting and fashion-conscious city, being home to fashion lovers and local fashion brands in Nigeria and Africa. A lot of olden days trends have also made reappearances over the years – from the most traditional legacy to social media fashion influencers pushing the craftsmanship in Lagos fashion and style. Some of the trends that have fast become a constant and most especially amongst the residents of Lagos. Whether it’s Gucci gang or ankara inspired outerwear, there’s sure to be something to spark your interest in Nigeria’s fashion capital. Let’s take a look at the styles making rounds in the city, smart blend of both international and African designer brands and styles.

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Ankara Fashion in lagos
© Ankara Styles by Mrs Nobody

Ankara has become very popular in this part of the world going from representing the unique African culture, to being a run way style, to becoming an interior designers tool, to a Thanksgiving Sunday uniform, to an office Friday uniform, to being part of a fashionistas style story. It is one authentic article of African clothing that has set a permanent spot for itself in fashion as well as culture.

Cold Shoulder

Obinna Anumudu Nigerian fashion influencer
© Zina Anumudu

With its air of sophistication, the cold shoulder is a fashion trend that evolved from the 1950s and 60s, proving to be a trend that stands the test of time by remaining despite the evolution of fashion that every year brings. The cold shoulder trend found its way to being installed in every piece or fabric of clothing ranging from the Ankara to the English wear and it is one style which is compatible with every kind of bottoms.

Block Heels

In The Style Lagos, Nigeria: Block Heels Fashion
© Billini Shoes

This is the go-to footwear for comfort and style in every woman’s guilty pleasure. Being comfortable with its chunky heel and leveled platforms, the block heel still gives off the fashionista, sophisticated and mature aura even compared to the pencil heel. It is every beginners initiation into the art of wearing heels, taking the spotlight from wedges. The block heel styling is not complex as it can accentuate every piece of clothing and give off a level of confidence.

Statement Sleeves

VERONICA EBIE Nigerian stylist
© veronicaodeka/instagram

Statement Sleeves made its way into fashion in the 1830s in Europe and America and with its over exaggerated designs, it is one that is hard to miss and is compatible with every piece or clothing. The statement sleeve is one design that has been installed into fashionable pieces like the wrap top, cold shoulder dresses and blouses, the Ankara amongst others. Despite its lack of subtlety, it is not restricted to being a celebration costume but can be worn regularly and officially.


style in lagos nigeria fashion capital
© asoebibella/instagram

Fringe’s first appearance in fashion came with the flapper look in the 1920s. Its spontaneous flattering style always makes a statement. Its style overtime has become incorporated in almost every piece of clothing and the most ludicrous yet is the denim.


Timaya Nigerian singer
© timayatimaya/instagram

Denim appears to be a never ending trend and it has revolutionized from a runway style to a daily fashion attire. The denim has instilled itself both as a singularly worn brand to a pair style.

Bright Colours

style in lagos Nigeria fashion capital
© poclagos

Bright Colours have always and will always be a daring fashion trend because of the difficulty in pulling it off with regards to skin tone, accessories and even pairing but that hasn’t been a barrier as we see people pull it off on a daily basis in colour blocking mode, monochrome, matching, among others.


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