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10 Mouth-watering African Foods You Need to Try

Sample some of the best and delicious treats with our guide to 10 traditional African foods you need to try. From foods in Nigeria to South Africa, and Ghana, African cuisine has plenty of tasty creation options to offer. It doesn’t matter the country or region, these traditional dishes are great gateways into some of the country’s history and culture. They are made with the local seasons paired with the freshest of ingredients to the delight of visitors all across the globe. There are numerous of dishes to try when visiting any African country, but here are a few of our favourite African foods to get you started. Check out these traditional African foods and discover the countries to find them on your next trip to Africa.

Ugali na nyama choma (East African)

Ugali dish
Ugali | Photo: Courtesy of Tale Tare/ @tare_tale_

Nyama choma means is a very popular food in Kenya. It is prepared and eaten usually when celebrating birthdays and weddings. This delicacy is also used in receiving guests. It sure looks like a delicacy worth trying whenever in Kenya, or any East African country.

Egusi soup and pounded yam (Nigeria)

Nigerian assorted meat egusi soup
Nigerian assorted meat egusi soup served with pounded yam | Photo: Courtesy of 9jasoulfood

Egusi soup and pounded yam is one of the tastiest and well-known and well-loved African dishes that originates from Nigeria. Many chefs uses a variety of spices to put their own spin on this Nigerian dish. Here‘s a recipe guide to this gem.

Chicken tagine (Morocco)

Moroccan chicken tagine
Moroccan chicken tagine | Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Segal / @onceuponachef

Chicken tagine is a popular dish in Morocco. Packed with rich flavourand aromatic spices to create a delicious and exotic taste. It always lights up the dinner tables in Morocco. Chicken tagine is a popular North African dish that simply must be tried.

Jollof rice (Nigeria)

how to cook jollof rice
Tasty Nigerian jollof rice

The famous jollof rice is the authentic and the ultimate rice recipe both for family dinners and at parties in Nigeria, as well as many other West African countries. This delicious African dish can be prepared using beef, chicken, turkey goat meat or even fish to make your jollof. This gently spiced meat, together with rice mopped all up in fresh tomato stew to bring the classic taste. For a delicious homemade jollof rice, see here for our recipe guide.

Ndole (Cameroon)

Ndole with fried plantain | Photo: Courtesy of NINA R / @iamninarx

Ndole is a flavoursome dish that is widely consumed in Cameroon. A favourite Cameroonian dish amongst many. A rich and flavourful soup/stew made with assorted vegetables and meat. This dinner dish is wholesome and filling!

Banku and tilapia (Ghana)

Banku and Tilapia Recipe with Pepper Sauce
Ghanaian banku and tilapia with shito sauce | © F2FA

Banku and grilled tilapia is a traditional Ghanaian dish that is very common amongst all regions of the country. Banku is simple recipe mixture of corn flour mixed with cassava dough/flour. This dish is usually paired with shito sauce – a Ghanaian delicacy in every household.

Bunny chow (South Africa)

how to make Mutton Bunny Chow recipe
Homemade mutton bunny chow. © Keenanblake/Instagram

This fabulous and classic South African dish is a curried meat that is complemented by hollowed out bread-bowl. A gorgeous centrepiece of delicious curry-soaked bread filling. Bunny chow is truly a satisfying African dish, and a must-try. A delicious South African day for you!

Injera (Ethiopia)

Injera, Eritrean and Ethiopian national dish | © sexyhabesha

Injera is a traditional flat round fermented sourdough bread, a national dish of Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is a staple dish that goes with variations of flavourful fillings. A delicacy that must be tried whenever you in one of those countries.

Thieboudienne (Senegal)

Thieboudienne aka chebu jen
Senegalese thieboudienne (chebu jen) | @essense13/instagram

Thieboudienne aka chebu jen is a traditional dish from Senegal. Thieboudienne is a classic fish and rice dish from Senegal, and can be considered a jollof rice with a twist. It is a customisable rice dish that can be made with a wide variety of vegetables and fish. Any day can be a good day in Senegal with this deliciously rich rice recipe.

Red red (Ghana)

how to cook beans stew
Beans stew with fried plantain. © akitchenfaraway

Red red is a traditional Ghanaian dish made with West African beans, palm oil and tomatoes. This slow-cooked black-eyed peas stew is the ultimate belly warmer to keep you toasty and full. A hearty, wholesome and the ultimate comforting main that is perfect for all.

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