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The best things to do in Eswatini (Swaziland)

In April 2018, Swaziland changed its name to Eswatini – the official name was changed from Kingdom of Swaziland to Kingdom of Eswatini. Swaziland has a reputation as cultural, exotic and awe-inspiring, a country for safari exploration or business trips. But there is much more to it than that. Aside from the unmissable panoramic views and scenery of landscapes, you’ll find one of the Africa’s most delicious cuisines, unique highlands and scenic hikes. From safaris to cultural hubs and shopping, uncover the best things to do in Eswatini.

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Take a tour of nature and landscapes

Sibebe Rock in Swaziland
Sibebe Rock in Swaziland, the world’s second-largest monolith. © Iulian Ifrim

Navigate the Maguga Dam waterways with a boat cruise, a picturesque trip through Hhohho region in Swaziland. Even better when off the boat, get out of water itself and explore the magic of the Swazi highlands and Makhonjwa Mountains surrounding the dam. Taking a hike is another great way to get a fresh perspective on Swaziland and to explore different areas of the country. Thrill-seeking hikers would enjoy taking a walk to Sibebe Rock, the world’s second-largest monolith, after Uluru in Australia. This massive granite dome looming over the surrounding countryside. A major attraction in Swaziland, and rewards visitors with a scenic view of the area.

Explore the Manzini main market

The village of Manzini is great for shopping with a variety of handicrafts and stalls scatted across the market. What makes shopping in Manzini market so special are its colourfulness and liveliness. The market is filled with beautiful crafts and unique goods as well as made in Swaziland handicrafts. You can easily find yourself distracted by the vibrant energy of this market.

Address: Mhlakuvane St, Manzini, Eswatini

Enjoy safari of your dreams

best things to do in Eswatini
Game drive at the Mkhaya Game Reserve. © Patrick Bantigny

Eswatini is an animal lover’s utopia, as well as a birding hotspot. Home to national parks and natural areas where travellers can indulge in the ultimate Africa wildlife safari. The Mkhaya Game Reserve, and Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary makes Swaziland a wildlife rich nation. These game reserve protected areas in Eswatini will give you first hand views of Big Five and other African majestic creatures and many species of birds. A game drive in Swaziland is truly a wildlife safari of dreams. Quite an unforgettable experience!

Learn about the culture

Mantenga Cultural Village
Entrance to the Mantenga Cultural Village. © Cami Garcés

From the Swaziland National Museum to the Mantenga Cultural Village, there interesting displays of Swazi culture. As well as traditional artefacts giving both locals and tourists insight of the country’s culture and heritage. The traditions and customs of Eswatini can be glimpsed almost everywhere in these cultural hubs. There are guided tours for tourists and visitors are welcomed warmly by locals.

 Swaziland National Museum – Address: Lobamba, Eswatini

It’s filled with eatery delights

If you’re more keen on eating food than making it, then you’ll not be disappointed in Eswatini. There’s plenty of food options from street food to elegant international restaurants. EDladleni Restaurant will be a feast for your eyes as well as your stomach, if you want a taste of Swaziland, you have to go there. Fantastic and tasty food for an unforgettable feast in wonderful settings. Street food is everywhere and farmers markets as well. Grilled meats and fresh fruits are on offer in Swaziland. Eswatini combines the best of all local and global cuisines. Making it easy to find treats, food and local snacks.


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