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Top 5 Beautiful Islands Destinations in Africa

Everyone wants, needs and deserves an island getaway from the hassle, bustle and hustle of the city life. Some couples want to visit a romantic destination, soak in sea, sun, and beautiful island beaches. Whenever we take a mental picture of a perfect island getaway, our minds automatically go to the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Of course, neglecting the African islands. Africa is one of the most beautiful continents in the world with countries, cities and numerous beautiful Islands for holidays, vacations or honeymoons. Idyllic African islands offering crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, warm oceans, luxuriant wildlife, vibrant cultures, and everything you need to feel at home. From Mauritius to Seychelles, here’s a list of the most beautiful islands in Africa. They make for perfect getaways and holiday destinations. Africa’s stunning islands are truly dreams of paradise! 

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Mauritius Islands destinations in Africa
Turquoise waters of Mauritius. © Recep Paksoy

The island of Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island and is known for its beautiful lagoons and beaches. It also has a vast land of rain forests and wildlife for nature lovers. The currency used is Mauritian Rupee. There is a range of upscale hotels and cabanas that one can live in and enjoy the Mauritius Island to the fullest. Visit the food markets on the island and try a selection of foods to eat and also enjoy shopping on the streets of Mauritius but make sure you see the giant water lilies and China Town while you are at it. This is one of the best getaway islands in Africa.


Seychelles most beautiful Islands in Africa
Idyllic Seychelles. © Alena Bábovková

Situated over 1,500km from the east Kenya is pristine and picturesque islands of Seychelles. Seychelles is a republic made up of over a hundred different islands, excellent for diving and snorkelling. This idyllic island is home to some of the richest fishing grounds in the world. Easily one of the top island getaways in Africa, and a top destination for anglers. Quiet landscapes with seaside resort with unique charms. From Mahé to Praslin to La Digue, seek them out and enjoy an unforgettable experience. The currency used in Seychelles is the Seychellois Rupee (SR).


Madagascar most beautiful Islands in Africa
Part aerial View of Madagascar Island. © Stefan Muenster

One of the go-to tropical escapes in Africa, Madagascar truly ticks all the fantasy island boxes. Home to luxurious sandy beaches, turquoise waters, rainforests, reefs and exotic animals. There’s no shortage of beach activities and water sports including diving, snorkelling and surfing. It is the fourth largest island in the world and tourists love enjoying the island life of Madagascar. However, it is not advisable to visit from January through March due to climatic conditions. Easily one of the best islands breaks in Africa and in the world.


Beautiful Islands Destinations in Africa
Beachfront in Zanzibar. © Brit Poldaru

Beautiful long beaches and high palm trees; Zanzibar is full of seductions. This island is home to rich in history and culture – the main island in the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar. And feature the UNESCO World Heritage Site, namely Stone Town. As one of the major travel destinations in Africa, Zanzibar boasts a series of lively coastal resorts. Zanzibar offers an abundance of delicious fruits and foods. You will find all manner of restaurants to cater to your every craving. Indulge in outdoor activities including biking, visiting the park, hiking, beach hopping and tasting lovely African-Arabic fusion of flavours and spices.

Cape Verde Islands

cape verde Beautiful Islands in Africa
Views into the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Verde. © Mahmoud Malla Hasan

Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde, is a 10-strong cluster of islands, presiding over the luxuriant landscapes. Stunning archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa. Cape Verde exudes brooding beauty basking on the luxurious sandy beaches of floating on the Atlantic Ocean. Lovers of nature and authenticity are always intrigued by Creole Portuguese-African culture experiences. This is one of the best holiday destinations in Africa. It’s tropical climate which makes it warm enough for visitors to visit all year long. Delighting the tourists with its sumptuous beaches.


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