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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Dahab

With its rich nature and history, delicious cuisine and stretch of beaches, Dahab is one of the popular resorts in the Red Sea region as well as in Middle East. This prime beach resort in Egypt always makes for a trendy destination. From tourist attractions to landmarks, there are numerous holiday activities and things travellers ought to see when visiting Dahab. But if we had to suggest, here’s our list of the top-rated tourist attractions in Dahab, Egypt.

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Dahab beaches

Dahab lagoon beach
The Lagoon beachfront in Dahab, Egypt | © Igor Šteblaj

Hitting the beaches is always one of the top holiday activities in Dahab, Egypt. And Dahab’s gorgeous landscapes and the incredible waters of the Red Sea makes it fun to sit on the beach or walk into the sea. The Lagoon beach is a favourite beach spot for both locals and tourists. An amazing beach for windsurfing, kitesurfing and different water sports, very good spot to watch the sunset. Not recommended it for swimming in windy days as there’s danger of being hit windsurfers boards. Whether you choose to be side on the side of the Lagoon with only nature or the side with chairs, tables and umbrellas. This beach offers very calm beautiful atmosphere. There are various hotels and resorts on the Dahab shores offering accommodation with an authentic feel of the traditional Egyptian-Arab craft work and interior design. You should be there to treat yourself to some finest nights of resort living. The best of Arab and Bedouin hospitality.

Experience Dahab Marina

Escape the city’s main neighbourhoods of Al Fanar Street and then Masbat Bay in the old city of Dahab. And head to the area of Wadi Qani, the modern addition to Dahab with a wide selection of amenities including restaurants, hotels, service and residential complexes. Dining with views of the sea stretching to the horizon can’t be beaten. This is the place to be a sunset, soaking the up cool vibes of Dahab nights.

Swimming in the Blue Hole

Tourist Attractions in Dahab
Divers underwater of the Blue Hole | © Yury Amelchanka

The Blue Hole sinkhole and tunnel is popular with divers, a top tourist attraction in Dahab, Egypt. A stunning sinkhole with a maximum depth within the hole of just over 100m. Best place to go for adrenaline junkies If you’re into underwater nature and like observing rare fish, Blue Hole the right place for you. This beautiful submarine sinkhole offers peaceful wonders of crystal-clear water. Snorkel or dive, you’ll enjoy marine life through the clear waters. It is a top diving site in Egypt as well as one of the most famous dive spots in the world. Located on the southeast Sinai, north of Dahab, Egypt on the coast of the Red Sea.

Address: Abu GalumQesm Saint Katrin, South Sinai, Egypt

Go on camel rides

Dahab camel ride
Image courtesy of Dahab Safari

A camel ride is not only a fun and memorable holiday activity in Dahab, but it’s also a great way for tourists to see the outback, especially at sunset. Rewarding riders with breath-taking views of Dahab from the top of the hill and magnificent sunset from the Blue Lagoona. There are many different tours offering camel rides, Dahab Safari offers a range of different tours from 2hour tour deals to half day and multiple days tour packages. Simply sit back and enjoy the views!

Ras Abu Galum

The city of Dahab has a prime attraction in Ras Abu Galum, a nature reserve and a diving area. Explore some marine life by visiting this top dive site on the South Sinai region, makes for a convenient destination for combining a diving holiday with natural sites. Take a walk it is amazing area to enjoy the view of the highlands and the sea. Visitors can get to the spot by a boat ride from Dahab or a hip ride through the mountains. You’ll love it!

Address: Dahab – Noweabaa, Qesm Saint Katrin, South Sinai, Egypt


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