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Top things to do and see in Mwanza

There is so much more to the city of Mwanza, Tanzania’s second-largest city. A port city set on the shores of Lake Victoria, surrounded by stunning landscapes and endowment. Mwanza by all accounts is an excellent place to visit or live. And certainly a thriving city with many forms of business providing economical stability to the lake region. The city of Mwanza has a unique character and beauty but it can be hard to decide what are the best things to do and see. From pretty rocky-highlands to vibrant, thriving town markets. Let’s have a look at the top things to do and see in Mwanza. 

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Saanane Island National Park

Located in the Gulf of Lake Victoria is the Saanane Island National Park, 2km Southwest of Mwanza city centre. This Tanzanian national park in Mwanza is home to monkeys, impalas and over 70 bird species. If you visit here, you can expect a range of outdoor activities including great walking trails, fisheries life, scenery, and fun. Lots of different restaurants around to explore.  Visitors are spoiled with the fantastic views of Lake Victoria from all angles.

 Mwaloni Market

Mwaloni Market best things to do in Mwanza
Mwaloni Market, biggest fish market in Mwanza, Tanzania. © igersmwanza

Mwaloni Market is the large fish market in Mwanza, the fishmonger. This city offer visitors much more than just landmarks and scenic views, Mwanza is a great place for those who love to shop like locals. From a wide variety of fish direct from fishermen and farmers supplying buyers with fruits, vegetables and other fresh farm produce. This is a place well-worth stopping by to experience the city life from the ground.

Robert Koch Hill

Want to see the old mansion of the German Nobel prize winner, Robert Koch? Put on your adventure shoes, because to get to the Robert Koch Hill top, you’ll have to push through the trails, bushes and bustling market. Not bad for a quick adrenaline rush with historical benefits.

Bismarck Rock

Top things to do and see in Mwanza Tanzania
Bismarck Rock at sunset, tourist attraction in Mwanza, Tanzania. © Louise Campbell

Make you way to the famous icon of the city, Bismarck rock. This spot has been featured on numerous photos for both tourists and local. Make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy the skylines of both Mwanza and endless views of Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest fresh water lake. This is a great romantic spot to share with your lover. Have a picnic and watch the sunset at from the beautiful park. And then head into the urban city to explore the Mwanza’s nightlife.

AddressMwanza, Tanzania

Sukuma Museum

Sukuma Museum Bujora Cultural Centre
Sukuma Museum (Bujora Cultural Centre), museum in Tanzania. © Benn T G

The Sukuma tribe is one of the largest tribes in the lake region of Tanzania. And right at the Sukuma museum is where you can get real information about Sukuma tribe. This community-based museum offers display of artifacts related to the Sukuma culture, and numerous historical information about Sukuma. Located east of Mwanza in Bujora village – a trip that rewards visitors with village life and cultural lessons.

Rock City Mall

Rock City Mall Shopping mall in Mwanza tanzania
Rock City Mall, Shopping mall in Mwanza, Tanzania. © Ibrahim Musolin

Biggest Mall in Mwanza with commercial facilities including banks, shops, restaurants, cinema, etc. Window-shop through stores of clothing, jewelry and crafts. Pick up some tasty bites from the food vendors and restaurants as you walk around. This mall is a reliable spot to find some services you will need during your stay in Mwanza.

Makongoro Road, Mwanza, Tanzania


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