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Travel Guide to Egypt, the Best Time to Visit

All year round, visitors can head down fertile Nile River Valley region, Egypt. It’s mostly warm weather makes it favourable and perfect for various outdoor activities including long walks, horse rides, drives and motorbike trips. We’ve put together a brief tourist travel guide to help you pick the right time to visit and explore stunning landscapes, an embarrassment of riches. Visiting medinas, museums and archaeological sites. Giza’s colossal Pyramids and Great Sphinx and Luxor’s hieroglyph-lined Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings tombs.

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The best months and time to visit Egypt is in autumn (September-November) and spring (mid January -April). The weather is very cold in December through January, except in the south, where the winter is pleasant. December and early January constitute peak tourist season, and iconic sights like the Giza Pyramid complex, the Temples of Luxor and Abu Simbel can be uncomfortably crowded and rowdy. With people walking shoulder-to-shoulder not giving space to see the sights and noisy as well. Tourists won’t have enough time and space to take lovely pictures and because of the festive season, they are definitely going to spend more on trips, hotel bills and other necessities.

May through August

Souvenir market in the heart of Old Cairo. © Samhorine

The summer is the only time to be avoided for climatic reasons as the temperature rises between 35°C to 40°C. Cairo is hot, muggy, and filthy most of May through August. And most residents take their vacations during this period. Schools are also on vacation during this period. With moderate warmth of the Mediterranean, the high season takes the north coast with a vengeance. Be prepared for some serious heat if you’re headed for Upper Egypt during the summer.

Luxor in August is not for the faint of heart, and venturing out to the sights without a fairly serious sunblock, an extravagantly brimmed sun hat, and a couple of liters of water is simply unwise. Once the Egyptian schools and universities are on holiday, the cities and beaches on the Mediterranean become full with student making it very noisy and crowded, some tourists may not like this.

Tourist posing with all-terrain vehicles by The Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo, Egypt. © Kiethetree

The summer currently coincides with Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. It’s a special time to visit with a celebratory atmosphere which includes firework displays and street decorations. But during Ramadan, opening times for restaurants and tourist sites are not very favourable. They will usually only open after fasting has been completed for the day. Outside of hotels, bars tend to remain closed for the whole month as its a holy months. And people are not expected to be in such places.

January to April

Market by Nubian Dream House, Aswan, Egypt. © Samhorine

In mid January to April, a huge number of tourists would have left, and the major Egypt attraction centres would be quiet enough for you to go around and enjoy the ambiance. Guests will be privileged to take pictures without people showing in the background. Also, because of the dearth of tourists you will be able to get some fantastic discount on five star hotels and other hotels. But be sure to pack some cold-weather clothing as it is always cold during this period.

This is an absolutely unique time to visit Egypt because it’s totally safe. The normally-overcrowded sites lie almost empty, and the experience is ten times better. Giving you all the space to wander around in the city and Iconic sights without stress. You will also find tour guides as they won’t be occupied. They will be able to tell you stories behind the sites.

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