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24 Best Travel Tips – Our Favorite Traveller’s Guide

In moments of reflection, we realize that the evolution of travel has been nothing short of revolutionary. From when travel was by foot which was very hectic and time consuming to the present day wonder of flights. Who knows what the future could hold? Teleportation stations maybe. Anyways over the years statistics show there has been a continuous and rapid growth in the number of travelers across the world, making tourism and transportation one of the most profitable sectors in the economy of the world. Flight routes are now expanding due to increase in demand, thereby invariably giving travelers access to an extensive variety of choices. For newbies in the travel game, journeys can be filled with lots of mistakes and regrets, but fear not, we’ve carried out painstaking research in order to help you minimize or even completely eliminate travel mistakes. Put on your safety belts and get ready to get travel savvy.


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There’s no better way to gain experience than for you to actually embark on a trip. Even if you’ve done your research, the best way to become an expert is through first-hand experience and who knows, you may be the one helping us brush up on our tips.

Make Copies of Your Passports and Other Relevant Documents

This is probably the most crucial part of your trip. An unexpected need for proper documentation may arise and there is a need to be cautious with your original documents. Photocopies will save you a lot of stress and if your original documents are stolen, the copies you made come in handy when reporting the matter to the police. Remember to email yourself a copy too.

Pack Light and Small

The thought of packing alone can be discouraging especially for first time travelers. You may have a tendency to over pack thereby raking extra luggage costs at the airport and even realize you didn’t use most of the stuff during your trip. It’s also important to have foreknowledge of the weather and pack accordingly. It’s okay to wear the same t-shirt two or more days in a row. Make a list of the essentials like towels, comfortable clothes, underwear, slippers and maybe a sarong if you plan on visiting religious site. We promise you’ll be glad you did if you pack light and smart.

Travel with Multiple Debit and Credit Cards Plus Extra Cash

This one cannot be overemphasized. Unforeseen circumstances like the ATM not paying you or maybe one of your cards gets lost or stolen. You’ll be glad you have a backup plan because it’s a foreign country and everything is a little bit trickier since it’s not home. Word of caution though, don’t move around with all your cards at the same time. You can keep one in your day pack, another in your backpack and one in your pockets. The extra cash will also save you a whole lot of stress.

Learn The Basics of The Language of Your Destination

This will go a long way in helping you interact with the locals and you’ll get a lot of appreciation for it. Words like Hello, goodbye, where can I get food? Or where’s the bathroom? Etc You’ll get points for trying from the locals and even endear you to them.

When Going Out Only Take What You’ll Need

Ensure you have at least one debit card or credit card and some little cash. This will make recovery easier if something unexpected actually happens.

Book Your Flights 2-3 Months In Advance For Bargain Prices

If you’re traveling on a tight budget you can save a few bucks from your flight company by booking your flight in advance. Flight companies often offer discounts to customers you book flights in advance.

Visit The Local Tourism Office

Quite a large number of travelers skip this on their trips and to be fair and honest, if they knew the benefits ,they wouldn’t. They usually know everything going on in the town and can help you avoid dangerous areas. They also offer discounts on attractions and transportation and even point you to free activities and benefits to help you enjoy your trip better.

Use A Map

There’s nothing more terrifying than getting lost in a foreign country. Even more terrifying is when you end up in the wrong neighbourhood. However to avoid situations like this, it is essential you get yourself a map. We recommend Google Maps as you can just download it on your smart phone and it’s easier to read than its conventional counterpart. You could still get an orthodox one if you like.

Keep An Open Mind And Be Flexible

Well, it’s a foreign country so expect to see things and situations that are not the norm in your own home country. I mean why would you want to travel if not to experience new things right? Try new foods, learn their history and culture, don’t judge and try to understand from their own points of view. We promise the experience will be far more enriching. Talking about flexibility, we suggest you don’t pre-book everything. You can meet new people and get wonderful recommendations where you’ll discover captivating cultural activities and tours. Be smooth, be flexible and enjoy your time.

Travel Insurance Is Very Important

Need I say more? The importance of travel insurance cannot be overemphasized. If anything goes south you may see yourself spending a lot of money if you don’t get yourself some travel insurance. In cases of robbery, canceled flights, sickness etc your travel insurance will save you a lot in stress and money plus it’s inexpensive. Just help yourself and you’ll be so glad you did when any form of unforeseen circumstance occurs.

Be Friendly and Respectful But Always Be On Guard

Make some new friends, be respectful and nice to the locals and fellow tourists and you’ll realize most of them are just like you looking to enjoy themselves and experience new things. But a little bit of caution will help you gain a balanced perspective and help you avoid the wrong crowds.

Learn To Haggle

You know why? Because it’s fun. You don’t get overcharged because you’re a foreigner and haggling is a necessary skill in life. So enjoy the haggle.

Get Yourself Vaccinated

Most countries will still require you to do this before you visit them plus nobody wants to get ill on their trip so it’s a no-brainer.

Get Necessary Information From Hotel Staff

The hotel staff are usually locals so they are like walking encyclopedias of whatever country you find yourself in. They can direct you to where you can get cheaper meals or pretty much any other information you’ll need. Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, just pop-in and ask, they are usually always willing to help out.

Minimize Chances Of Eating At A Tourist Area Or Tourist Attraction

This is because the food is usually more expensive and the quality is lower because they know you’re a tourist. We recommend you walk a few blocks away and you’ll get better meals and at cheaper rates. It’s still okay if you’re feeling touristy and want to try tourist food though.

First Aid Kits Are Very Essential

You don’t have to always rush to the hospital for every minor incident and that’s where first aid kits come in handy. Get yourself a little first aid kit to be on a safe side.

Enjoy Free WI-FI

If your hotel charges you to connect to the internet, you can visit local cafes or libraries because most of them offer free WI-FI services which can help you cut down on your expenses.

For Long Trips, Apartments or Airbnb Are Great Options

Not Only will you save up on the high cost of hotels, with Apartments and Airbnbs, you get your own kitchen and can visit the local grocery stores and prepare your own meals rather than eating out. Plus you can do your own laundry and have enough space if you have family with you.

Extra USB Chargers, Flashlights and Extra Jacket

You don’t need your phone batteries going down because of some faulty USB cable. The flashlights will be great for you at night and the extra jacket will save you during cold nights. Oh and don’t forget to carry some sunscreen. We promise you won’t regret it.

Free Walking Tours

The walking tours will help you get a bit more familiar with the city and its history. Your camera will store great memories and when you relax and remain calm you’ll appreciate and enjoy your trip so much more. Most of the time, you get these walking tours free, so why not take advantage of it?

The Best Times To Visit Historical Sites

Organize and plan your own trip and ensure you’re not always with the crowd. Most people head out for food during lunch time whereas such time is an opportunity for you to visit and truly appreciate historical sites. You could either you go very early or when people are having their meals for a more memorable adventure.

Book Your Tickets Online

Book any activities or excursions planned for your trip online. There is usually a discounted price for booking online than paying yourself at the venue. Plus it makes your trip a lot less stressful.

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